Masoud Emami

Masoud Emāmī attained his education at the Seminary at Qom under a list of ayatollahs that include such luminaries as Hossein Vahīd Khorāsānī, Javād Tabrīzī, Seyyed Mūsā Shabīrī Zanjānī, and Abdollāh Javādī Amolī. After spending over fifteen years as a prominent professor at the Seminary at Qom and at Tehran University, Masoud Emāmī currently spends most of his time doing research and writing for various institutions. These include the Centre for Research of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (the Majles) of the Islamic Republic of Iran, where he is the Director and Scholar in Residence of the Jurisprudential Committee (and where he also heads the Majles’ project for the compilation of regulations for the implementation of the law); the Centre for Research of the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran; and the Encyclopaedia of Islamic Jurisprudence, where he has been a senior editor and contributor for over twenty years. In addition to his research, writing, and teaching activities, Masoud Emāmī has authored several books and numerous scholarly articles. These include, The Rational and Scriptural Validity of Majority Opinion; The World and the Hereafter; How to Fall in Love with God; Reflection on the Finality of Prophethood; Sacred Jurisprudence in the Absence of the Imam; The Rights of Women in Islam: A Rational Defence; and Works of Shī‘a Jurisprudence in the Era of the Presence of the Imams.

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