Reza Mohammadi

Allameh Reza Mohammadī is a preeminent scholar of the Quranic sciences who is specialised in the creedal beliefs of Islam. He has been a well-known and beloved radio and television personality in Iran for over twenty years, where he has participated in thousands of programs having to do with all aspects of Islam, but which focus mainly on his responses to questions regarding Islam’s creedal beliefs, as well as to responses to the spurious arguments put forth by Wahhabis and Sunnis against Shi’a beliefs and practices.
Professor Mohammadī was born in 1950 to a religious family in Shāhroud, where he completed his education to the end of the high school level prior to moving to Qom, where he studied law at Qom University. Although Professor Mohammadī’s academic merit was such that he could have continued his education at the university without having to take a graduate law degree entrance examination, he chose to study the religious sciences in the seminary instead and began his seminary studies at the renowned Qom Seminary in 1975. After having graduated at the highest levels from the seminary at Qom, Professor Mohammadī started teaching at the seminary, as well as becoming the research director of the Center for Quranic Culture and Education, which is a research institute specializing in the Quranic sciences. Among his many accomplishments are his tenure as the Head of the Department of Education in Qom. Professor Mohammadī’s tenure of this office in Qom demonstrates the breadth and depth of his knowledge and expertise, and the esteem in which he is regarded by his fellow scholars in the seminary city of Qom, which can be likened to the Vatican of Shi’a Islam.

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