We are Lantern Publications

Bringing true Islam to the world!

Who are we?

Lantern Publications is a publishing house dedicated to the propagation of the true teachings of Islam as expounded by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his holy progeny(s). Lantern publications intend to fulfil this objective by producing high quality, mainstream and verified print and/or electronic publications and distributing them via a network of distribution channels (within and outside the Shia community) worldwide.

Lantern Publications, though its distribution arm, Shia Books Australia (www.shiabooks.com.au), has reached many parts of the world and has a repeatable and reliable distribution model that continues to grow by 70% a year.

Lantern Publications believes that the ‘ecosystem’ of publications for the sake of the Almighty, the Exalted must be mutually beneficial to all parties and that the spirit of wilayah is observed in all dealings. This includes transparency, honesty, full disclosure, clear communication, support and engagement.