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Our Services:

  • Commissioning of specific books relevant to the community needs

  • Translation of books from Arabic/Farsi into English 

  • Complete publication services including editing, distribution, printing etc.

Other Services we offer: 

  • High-Quality cost-effective printing of books/magazines

  • Distribution services (offered via www.shiabooks.com.au)  

  • Editing services 

  • Translation services 

What you get when you sign up with Lantern Publications: 

  • A personalized, transparent and dynamic relationship with the publisher where all parties are co-creators rather than hierarchical relationships that advantage one party over the other. This means that during the editing, marketing and distribution processes, the authors/translators and publishers work dynamically together to ensure delivery. This is to ensure that authors/translators are able to exercise a level of autonomy.

  • Copyright Ownership – Authors/translators will retain the copyright for their work with some limitations.

  • Distribution of the book(s)- Lantern Publications has access to and continues to grow its presence within the Shia community worldwide. Additionally, books are distributed through standard platforms (Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.).

  • Printing, Cover design and where required illustration and typesetting- These services are provided as part of the publication service. This will allow authors/translators to focus on producing quality literary works whilst these issues are taken care of by a team of professional graphic artists, illustrators and printers.

  • Promotion and marketing- Lantern publications will market your publication (or will assist in the marketing) through a variety of media including but not limited to social media, website and mainstream media (where required).

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